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How to Maintain a Healthy Roof

A roof is an essential part of every structure, so you should take steps to maintain it well. Also, the cost of replacing or repairing a roof is expensive and this is all the more reason you should strive to maintain it well. Under normal circumstances, your roof should be inspected once or twice a year by a commercial roofing services company, typically before the winter, hail, and typhoon seasons. Besides regular inspection, here are some things you can do to maintain a healthy roof.


Keep an Eye on Your Shingles


Missing or damaged shingles is the single biggest reason for roof replacement. To avoid such costly replacement issues, you have to keep an eye out for the health of these shingles. Clean these shingles from time to time to ensure that they are free of dirt and algae. Such regular cleaning will help to protect your roof’s integrity.


Also, when you check your shingles often, you can quickly identify the worn or broken ones, you can quickly replace those shingles alone. Though they are easy to replace, consider taking the help of commercial roofing services if you have to.


Replace Roof Sealants


Roof sealants help to keep your roof together and they prevent water from seeping in. Like shingles, inspect the sealant often to check for any wear and tear or cracks, so you can replace it right away. This is sure to prove to be a lot less expensive than a roof repair.


Trim Branches


Sometimes, the branches from nearby trees can fall on your roof and damage it. Also, when leaves from these branches fall on your roof, they retain moisture, and can rot your tiles. To prevent this, make sure you trim the overhanging branches often.


Clean the Gutters


An often overlooked aspect of roof maintenance is the pile-up of debris in your gutter. When your gutter is choked with dried leaves and branches, water cannot flow freely through it. As a result, water gets accumulated and over time can seep through your roof. This is why it is important to clean your gutter often, especially before the rainy or snow season.


Watch Out for Rust


If you have any used any metal parts for constructing your roof, check them often to ensure that they are free of rust. Such close check will prevent the possibility of corrosion in the future. If you do notice any rust, brush it off gently using a good brush. An even better option is to paint that part with rust-proof paint.


Avoid Ice Dams


Ice dams sure look pretty. They convert your house into a magical snow castle when looked from outside, but at the same time, they are bad for your roof. The money and effort you’ll have to shell out to repair this roof is definitely not worth the beauty of ice dams. One way to avoid them is to insulate your roof and keep your roof temperature close to the external temperature as this will prevent ice from accumulating on it.


Thus, these are some of the measures you can take to maintain a healthy roof. If you notice anything broken or missing, make sure to reach out to a reputable commercial roofing service right away so you can avoid a complete roof replacement.

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