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6 Common Mistakes To Avoid When Hiring A Local Roofing Company

6 Common Mistakes to Avoid When Hiring a Local Roofing Company

Roofing systems are intricate parts of your home, representing about 40% of the visual exterior. A well-maintained roof plays a vital role in the overall aesthetics of your home. There are many factors that you need to keep in mind when choosing a local roofing company to carry out your roof replacement. Most homeowners skimp on the hiring process, leading to regrets later on. Here is a compiled list of the six mistakes you need to avoid when searching for a roofing company.

1. Hiring an Unlicensed Company

Ensure that you only hire a licensed roofing contractor to work on your home. A valid license shows that they are qualified to handle your roof replacement project. The certifications verify that the roofer has undertaken the necessary training and passed the competency tests. Ask to see proof of their licensure. Remember, only a licensed contractor will be able to comply with local building codes.

2. Working with an Uninsured Company

Roofing projects come with a lot of risks. Ignoring a general liability cover is a recipe for disaster. The insurance cover protects you from liability if any damage to your property occurs during the roof repairs or replacement. It also shields from medical bills accrued by a worker injured within your home during the roofing project. Always ask to see an active insurance cover and have a copy attached to your written contract.

3. Settling Directly for the Cheapest Quote

It is understandable for you to try and haggle a good deal for your replacement project as you try and keep the project’s cost low. However, focusing too much on the pricing alone can have you working with the wrong local roofing company. The utterly cheap company may compromise on quality as they are prone to cutting corners. While you should compare multiple quotations, other factors such as experience, quality materials, and track record should be in the picture.

4. Forgetting to Ask for Warranties

Your roof is a huge investment, which may last for over 30 years with proper maintenance. You may need to strong warranty policy to secure your worthy investment. Ask your contractor about their warranty policy and guarantees offered if any issue arises within that period. It is also vital to work with a licensed roofer to refrain from voiding the manufacturer’s warranty.

5. Failure to Follow Up on the Roofer’s References

A reputable local roofing company does not shy off from providing references to past clients. The customer testimonials may help you figure out what to expect, the company’s professionalism, and work ethic. If possible, pay a visit to the location and get to see for yourself the work and expertise of the roofing company.

6. Not Capturing Everything in Writing

One of the biggest mistakes most homeowners make is to play a game of “guesstimate” with their contractors. It provides a chance for scrupulous roofers to inflate bills and utilize low-quality roofing materials. You need to ask for a precise and detailed estimate in writing before considering working with them. Before the works start, let the roofer provide a written and signed contract detailing everything, from materials, labor, and total cost.

Your roof is an essential feature within the home, protecting you from nature’s harsh elements. You need to find the right contractor for your roof replacement and repairs. The tips above will help you avoid common mistakes during the hiring process.

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