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3 Common Types of Sunrooms: A Primer

sunroomSunrooms are an increasingly popular addition among homeowners. They offer the opportunity to sit in the comfort of one’s own home without being totally removed from nature. Whether it’s a brisk autumn morning or a pleasant spring day, many Americans find this sunny sanctuary especially appealing as they tend to spend too much time confined to their desks and offices.

Making such a large investment can be nerve wracking, but it’s actually a much safer investment than one might think. Not only can a sunroom dramatically improve your resale value, but by using the room just four times per day, you can see a return on investment between 89% and 115%!

There are several popular types of sunroom that you should consider when thinking about expanding. Each one has its own benefits and disadvantages. In order to help you better decide, we have put together this brief primer.

  • Screened in Porch: While not technically a sunroom, a screened in porch is an exceptional option for someone who would like to enjoy the summer’s fresh air without the annoyance of sunburns and bugs.
  • Three Seasons Sun Room: A three season room offers more protection from the elements than a screened in porch while still giving you the option to enjoy as much fresh air and sunshine as you want. Typically, three season rooms will have sliding windows, enabling more protection and also more security.
  • Four Seasons Sun Room: A four season room is everything a three season room is but with two additions: first, the room is better insulated, and second, there will typically be HVAC in the room, allowing for you to better control the temperature. These rooms are perfect for those who just want to soak up a bit more sun during the chilly winter.

Sunrooms offer a great deal of luxury and convenience for homeowners, which is likely why they are growing so popular! If you are looking for a way to get a little more sun while relaxing at your home, consider which of these three options will best suit your needs.

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