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Professional Sunrooms Mt. Juliet Contractor- The Sunrooms Contractor At Roofing Renovations

If you’re looking for sunrooms, Roofing Renovations got three options that clients love: four-season sunrooms, three-season sunrooms, and single-pane sunrooms. Mt. Juliet cold winters mean that three-season and four-season sunrooms are our most popular picks. There’s one big difference between a four-season and a three-season sunroom— the four-season room has HVAC in it. There are many different factors to consider as you decide which sunroom Mt. Juliet would best suit your needs and we ensure that you are covered by the best workmanship and sunroom materials Mt. Juliet has to offer.


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As a premier general contractor serving Rutherford County and surrounding areas, the experts at Roofing Renovations are ready to transform your home into the place where your family finds comfort, beauty, and convenience with home addition Mt. Juliet.

Custom Built Sunrooms Mt. Juliet TN

What do we mean by “custom built?” Well, that means we’re not buying a kit and trying to force it to fit into your home. Instead, we custom measure everything. Then, we order it, the factory builds it and ships it to us, and then we build it onsite. We also custom build the window sizes. One of the advantages of a custom built sunroom is that we are able to design the room to fit the homeowner’s needs exactly. Because the Mt. Juliet sunrooms are considered to be a lifetime room, every part of them, including windows, glass, and everything else, is built to last. All of our components are warrantied.

Most of the rooms are built with double-paned glass, which is another factor that makes it a four season room. Double-paned glass will help you keep your heating or cooling costs under control. Typically, the room is fitted with electric, including outlets, fans, and everything you might want inside of it.

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Sunrooms Cost – Sunrooms Mt. Juliet Specialist

According to National Association of Home Builders, a relatively high 36% of single-family home builders reported reducing their prices, and 59% were offering special sales incentives. These percentages have steadily been growing since July. There are more affordable options available, primarily taking the form of a single-pane room Mt. Juliet. A single-pane room is just that — a room built with single-pane glass instead of double-pane. The walls will be a little bit thinner, but it’s the most economical package. If someone just wants a room to offer some coverage from the outside, a single-pane room would be the way to go. 

Unlike double-paned windows, single-paned rooms only have one sheet of glass in their exterior walls — ideal for those who wish to take advantage of the sunshine without spending too much money. Sunrooms specialists Mt. Juliet at Roofing Renovations can answer any questions you might have about the process and ensure that your chosen option is the best fit for your needs and budget.

With years of experience and positive reviews, our Mt. Juliet screen rooms specialists are ready to help your home stand up to the elements for decades. Our website is designed to allow you to, review our certifications, research our services and review products and warranty options before you even contact us.

Reliable Sunroom Contractor Mt. Juliet – Fascinating Features By Roofing Renovations

One of the interesting features exclusive to our sunrooms Mt. Juliet is our retractable screens. Typically, on a sunroom, you’ll find sliding glass and sliding screens. In general, upon receipt of the pieces of the room, we find that there’s some sliding screen damage; they’re very fragile. However, Roofing Renovations screens actually retract inside the wall system itself, so it’ll retract down to a full screen and the homeowner can put it back up when they wish.

Our sunroom feature in Mt. Juliet TN will give you more visibility inside the room when you’re not using the screens, as well as a longer lifespan for the screens. When you’re not using them in the winter months, you can easily put them up. They won’t be damaged by bugs, animals, the weather, and other potential dangers.

Prompt Communication

We provide a high level of communication throughout the entire process of repairing or installing your sunrooms. If any questions come up through the entire process you can count on us to be there. Follow us on Facebook. Check us out on Yelp.

Decades of Experience

With decades of experience our team has the tools and the know-how to get the job done right, fast, efficiently and at the best possible price. Having worked for so many years in Mt. Juliet, TN, you can rest assured that our team has what it takes to provide the best service possible.

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