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Our roof replacement process is quite simple. Initially, we will do a thorough cost replacement analysis. We’ll look at the roof— specifically, the overall condition of it and the age of the roof based on the state of the shingles.

Next, we’ll assess the repairability factor; we’ll check to see if we believe the roof is structurally sound enough to be repaired and if it makes financial sense for the homeowner to do so. If all of these factors point to yes, we’ll make a recommendation for the appropriate repair.

Full Roof Replacement Services in Murfreesboro TN

If we believe your roof is beyond repair, or that it would cost more to have it repaired than to replace it outright, then the majority of the time we’ll recommend that you opt for replacement. We also need to consider whether the homeowner plans to file an insurance claim to replace their roof or if the homeowner plans to pay cash. Our extensive experience working with insurance companies enables us to determine if the homeowner will have any luck with their claim.

Storm-related damage to the roof

If the damage is storm-related, we always recommend that you file an insurance claim. After all, that’s why you pay your insurance! It’s a different situation than if the damage is the result of a manufacturer defect or simply old age— this is something the insurance company should pay. However, each situation varies, based on the age of the roof as well as the roof’s installation.

HAAG Certification Benefits

We have our HAAG certification, and this has proved to be a tremendous benefit for our clients. What does that mean? It’s a guarantee that we’re going to inspect each roof precisely as an adjuster would. We use chalk or a camera, inspecting the full roof and marking everything exactly like an adjuster,  and we also do a systematic check. This tells us what the adjuster will find when they do their examination, and there will be no surprises when we get the verdict as to whether we’ll be doing a repair or a replacement.

Signs That It’s Time to Replace Your Roof

While minor repairs may suffice in some cases, certain signs indicate the need for a roof replacement:

  • Frequent roof leaks
  • Severe damage from storms or vandalism
  • Missing or broken shingles
  • Roof stains indicating potential water damage
  • Advanced age of the roof

Roof replacements become necessary when the existing roof is too damaged or aged to provide adequate protection for your home. Investing in a new roof offers long-term savings by reducing maintenance requirements and enhancing your home’s curb appeal.

Why Choose Roofing Renovations?

When seeking roof replacement services in your vicinity, it’s essential to find a team of seasoned and licensed contractors who prioritize your goals. At Roofing Renovations, each member of our team takes the time to understand your specific needs for roof repair or replacement.

We provide transparent and honest estimates for roof replacements if we determine that repairs alone won’t suffice to restore your roof to its optimal condition.

Every roof replacement project at Roofing Renovations is managed by a dedicated and insured contractor committed to delivering unparalleled installation services.

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