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Looking To Repair Your Roof? Here Are 4 Factors That Will Determine How Much You Spend

Looking to Repair Your Roof? Here are 4 Factors that Will Determine How Much You Spend

Steel and aluminum roofs are becoming quite a standard fixture in many people’s homes, especially in the cities. In the past, your home’s roofing was all about efficiency and functionality- protecting your loved ones and your possessions from the elements of weather. However, roofs are now becoming the centerpiece of every house’s exterior.

This is why it’s essential to make sure your roof is always in proper condition. You don’t want to live in a home whose roof leaks whenever it rains, especially when roof repairs are so affordable. You can call a commercial roofing service right to your doorstep, and this makes these repairs less problematic to handle.

Here are a few factors that will affect how much you will spend on that roof repair.


The Type of Roof

Roofs can be sloped or flat, shingled or metallic, and sometimes, something even more unique. The type of roofing material you initially used will significantly affect how much money you spend on subsequent repairs. The costs of roofing materials vary depending on the type of the roof since some require more materials and labor than others.

Asphalt shingles are the most inexpensive options you could go for, seeing as they go for 120 dollars for every 100 square feet. Metal roofs can cost as much as 1500 dollars per 100 square feet, but they have an incredibly long lifespan.


Roof Repairs Permits

The legislation of the town or city you live in may affect how much roof repairs cost you. This is because the commercial roofing service you’ve hired may have to pull permits for these repairs. How much it costs to get this permit varies- some areas have a flat rate while in others, it depends on your home’s size and value.

In many coastal areas, you’re required to install hurricane bracing and straps to protect your home from tropical storms and hurricanes. These additions may run up the repair costs considerably.


How Much of Your Roof Needs to Be Repaired?

The scope of the roof repair your home needs is another factor that will determine how much this process will cost you. Commercial roofing services will typically come up with a price based on how many square feet of the roof needs to be repaired or replaced. When it comes to roofing, a square refers to a 10 square feet area.

Roof shingles are usually sold by the square, meaning you will be charged for a square even if the repair that needs to be done is less than 10 square feet. However, you can keep any leftover material for the next time your home needs roof repairs.


Is there any Existing Water Damage?

The extent of the damage on your roof will also dictate how much the roof repairs will cost. If you’ve had a leaking roof for a while now, your roof may be suffering from water damage.

This kind of damage is difficult to pinpoint unless a roofer removes the shingles and checks out the decking. Water quickly weakens your home’s structure, and you must correct this problem before it becomes impossible to fix. Repairing water damage is quite expensive and will inflate the budget you’ve set aside for these roof repairs. However, if you ignore it, you may be forced to look for roof replacement services to take the whole thing out.


Maintaining Your Roof

You should make a habit of inspecting your roof once or twice each year. This ensures that you’re ahead of any repair needs that may crop up. You’ll also be able to spot potential issues way before they become too problematic.

Contacting a commercial roofing company to help repair and maintain your roof is the best way of ensuring you get the most out of the metal roof you install onto your home.

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