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How To Choose The Right Shingles To Replace Your Roof

How to Choose the Right Shingles to Replace Your Roof

One of the most important factors of roof replacement is finding good shingles. Choosing the wrong ones could mean needing roof repair again sooner rather than later. Here’s how you can find the right shingles for your roof replacement.

Shingle life

The right shingles should be ones that last as long as you need them to. This depends on how long you plan on living where you currently live. If you know you’ll be moving in the near future, a short-term option might be the most suitable. Shingle manufacturers will usually guarantee a certain amount of time their shingles will last. If you need something long-lasting, the most durable shingles can last anywhere from 25 to 50 years.


Each shingle manufacturer has their own set of warranties. These warranties go into effect when the shingles are installed by a certified roofer. Be aware, however, that not all of them offer the same kind of coverage. For example, there are manufacturer warranties that cover the materials used to repair the roof. If the shingle materials become worn out sooner than they’re supposed, you’ll be paid the amount needed for new shingles. In addition, you should also be aware of workmanship warranties. These are warranties offered by the roofing contractor who does the installing. They cover you for any installation errors.

Wind resistance

Shingles can have a lot of different levels of wind resistance. They can resist anywhere from 60 to 130 miles per hour of wind. The level of resistance you need will depend on how common your area has high wind speeds. Make sure to hire a good roofer to ensure your shingles can withstand conditions in your area. Most shingle manufacturers have a website that’ll let you know what roofers in your area are licensed to install their shingles.


While you may not be an expert at shingles, your local roofing company is. You can seek their expert opinion on what shingles they think would be best for you. Your decision shouldn’t be based on one roofer’s recommendation. It’s best to get opinions from different local roofing companies to see what’s most recommended. If some of them give you different recommendations, you could even question them on why the other roofer’s recommendation isn’t better. Doing this will give you a lot of helpful information to make your decision.


While this factor may not be the most important, it is a useful one to consider. You’re going to see your shingles every time you’re outside of your house, so you might as well pick a color that you like. And if you sell your house one day, you want the roof to look good for potential buyers. Be sure to check the rules for what colors you can use if your home is a part of an association.

Did you know 40% of any heat loss in a house escapes through the attic? Deciding on the right shingles can be the difference between staying warm inside, or still feeling the cold outside. Follow these guidelines to make sure you select the best shingles for your home.

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