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At Roofing Renovations, we pride ourselves on providing high-quality accessory building services for Rutherford County residents. We understand that your home is your biggest investment, and we want to help you protect it. Whether you need a new roof, siding, or gutters, we can provide the expertise and craftsmanship you need to get the job done right. We also offer a variety of financing options to make sure that you can afford the repairs or upgrades you need. Above all, we’re committed to providing outstanding customer service. We’ll work with you every step of the way to ensure that you’re happy with our work.

You won’t be disappointed if you hire Roofing Renovations to build an addition to your home in Murfreesboro or do major renovations. The Rutherford County business is dedicated to providing quality workmanship and outstanding customer service. Whether you’re looking to add a new garage or build a storage shed, it’s also important to ensure that your accessory building complies with local zoning regulations. In most cases, you’ll need to obtain approval from the planning authority before beginning any construction. At Roofing Renovations, we can help you navigate the approval process and ensure that your new building meets all the necessary requirements. We understand the importance of being a good neighbor, and we’ll work hard to make sure that your new building blends in seamlessly with the surrounding community. With our help, you can rest assured that your accessory building will be built to last.


Accessory Building Services We Provide in Rutherford County

  • We can help you design and construct the accessory building of your dreams. Whether you’re looking for a shed, garage, or guest house, we can create a custom plan that meets your needs.
  • We offer a wide range of finishes and materials, so you can find the perfect look to complement your home.
  • We’re happy to work with you to add any special features or amenities that you may want, such as skylights or insulation.
  • Our team is experienced in all aspects of construction, so you can rest assured that your project will be completed to the highest standards.
  • We understand the importance of customer service. We’ll be there for you every step of the way, from design to completion.

If you need any accessories for your building, whether it’s commercial or residential, you can find it at Roofing Renovations. Contact us today, and let us help you find the perfect accessory for your building.

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