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4 Reasons You Should Get Your Roof Inspected In The Fall

4 Reasons You Should Get Your Roof Inspected In The Fall

Fall is on its way and that means that you need to prepare your home for the winter, especially your roof. Luckily for you, fall is the best time to start working on your roof repairs or roof replacement, though your local roofing company might be a little busy during this time of year.

There are many reasons why this is the best time of year to call a roofing company and get some work done, and here are a few:

Shingles Seal Faster
Four out of every five homes in the U.S. use asphalt shingles, and these shingles seal the best in moderate temperatures. You don’t want to try sealing them or installing them in the summer, as they can “scar” from the heat. This means that the lifespan of the shingle can decrease. The best times to do this are either in fall or spring, and fall is a lot closer than spring.

It’s Time to Evaluate the Summer Damage
Maybe you have had a lot of storms in your area, with debris flying around and impacting your roof, or downpours occurring all summer long. These things can create small damages to your roof, and that can lead to larger problems down the line. You should contact a contracting company as soon as possible to get an inspection and prepare for the winter.

Minor Damages Increase In Winter
And the main reason to work on your roof in the fall is that minor damages will increase during the winter. A couple of holes or leaks should be addressed as soon as possible, and you want to make sure you nip them in the bud fast. The snow will magnify the damage and cost more over time, especially if snow builds up and gets heavy enough to fall through.

Keeps Insulation In Good Condition
When left unattended, roof damage can spread to your insulation. This can occur when moisture seeps into the attic and causes mold to spread and intensify, damaging your attic and forcing you to have to pay more to have it fixed.

So, as you can see, getting your roof inspected and worked on in the fall can save you a lot of money in the long run. You can mitigate the damages you might have on the roof and prevent future damages from occurring as winter comes closer. So get on the phone and start planning ahead; winter is coming, after all.

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